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KLK Emmerich GmbH

In July 2010, KLK OLEO successfully acquired a new plant on the river Rhine in Germany. The company is now known as KLK Emmerich GmbH.

The plant, which is over 100 years old, is strategically situated close to key customers and raw material supply routes in the heart of Europe. Possessing world-scale assets, it has production facilities which manufacture of a range of fatty acids, hydrogenated fatty acids and glycerine by splitting of vegetable oils. The main raw materials used on site are either natural vegetable oils (e.g. coconut oil, palm kernel oil, rapeseed oil) or crude glycerine.

Emmerich is known to have a strong heritage with the owners of Unilever (Uniqema), ICI (Uniqema) and Croda. With this acquisition, KLK OLEO is more poised to become a major oleochemicals supplier and manufacturer to new European markets.