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KL-Kepong Oleomas Sdn. Bhd.

As one the world's largest producers of natural fatty alcohols, KL-Kepong Oleomas ("KLKOM") produces a wide variety of high quality oleochemical products.

KLKOM's three key products are PALMERA Refined Glycerine, PALMEROL Fatty Alcohols, PALMERE Fractionated Methyl Esters and PALMFONATE Methyl Ester Sulphonate ("MES"). They are 100% vegetable oil based and produced from readily renewable and sustainable natural resources.

PALMEROL Fatty Alcohols are widely used as emulsifying, dispersing, wetting agents or surfactants. C12 to C18 alcohols provide starting materials for all surfactant types. PALMERE Fractionated Methyl Esters are mainly employed as intermediates for chemical synthesis and used as fuel bio-additives. PALMFONATE MES is the main ingredient in powder or liquid detergents.

KLKOM's manufacturing plant is strategically located at Westport, Malaysia, allowing direct pipeline access from the plant to the port, for fast and effective supply and distribution to international markets. KLKOM has invested heavily in Research and Development resources in order to respond to constant evolutions in the business environment.